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For couples looking forward to a modern, personal wedding ceremony, what alternatives are there?
In 1996, Humanist Canada was granted the authority by the Registrar General to certify Humanist Officiants to solemnize marriages in Ontario. 

I have been married twice, the first in a civil ceremony in a court room, and the second at Oakham House at Toronto’s Ryerson University. In both cases, I was confronted with only two choices: your officiant must be a court judge or a religious official. Neither choice was acceptable to me and my fiancée.

However, in preparation for my marriage in 1987 I suggested to the United Church minister that I could write my own secular ceremony, and he agreed with me. And so, I wrote my own marriage ceremony that included readings by Shakespeare, Bob Dylan, and John Lennon, and the minister read my script word for word.
On that day, June 13, 1987, I wished there was a third secular way for non-religious couples to get married.

Imagine my relief years later when I discovered the alternative: a Humanist marriage.
Immediately I inquired into becoming a Humanist Officiant, and was pleased to learn that I could help couples realize their desire for a secular wedding.

By the way, my 1987 marriage to Lynn was the most important day of my life. Our first wedding dance was the Turtles’ song, “Happy Together.” After 30 years of marriage, we are still so happy together. Lynn is my best friend. We have two daughters Kayleigh and Janet, sisters to my children Dylan and Sheri. We live in the Clarkson area of Mississauga, where Lynn teaches pre-school and I operate A-Plus Tutoring as a high school math tutor.

I am pleased to announce my first published work, a book of short story fiction Smash Palace, which contains 32 stories that explore various genres. In 2018 I launched my publishing company Amalit Books.

Furthermore, for many years I have operated a disc jockey business, supplying equipment, music, and DJ for hundreds of weddings, with Dylan as DJ assistant. Also, we have photographed numerous weddings. So – even before becoming a wedding officiant, I have had extensive experience with weddings.

To keep in shape I go to the gym regularly, run five-kilometer races, and play baseball every Thursday.  In fact I am the organizer of Thursday Night Softball that has become a tradition at Deer Run Park for 28 years.

During Toronto’s 2016 Pride Celebrations, I enjoyed manning the Humanist booth. Same-sex marriage has been legal in Ontario since June 10, 2003. Since then Humanist officiants have solemnized thousands of same-sex marriages, a service I offer to the LGBTQ community.

My credentials are:
B.A. (University of Windsor)
B.Ed. (University of Toronto)
Ontario Teachers Certificate
Member of Ontario College of Teachers
Officiant appointed by the Humanist Association of Canada, entitled to perform marriages
Authorized by the Government of Ontario, registered to solemnize marriages

It is my pleasure to meet with you and your partner to plan the ideal ceremony for you, your families, friends, and guests.






Jim McDonald, BA, BEd  



(905) 855-2484