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Sample Wedding Ceremonies

What to Bring to the Ceremony:

The only things that the bride and groom need to bring to the ceremony are themselves, their witnesses, the rings, and the marriage license.

The Marriage Act of Ontario states that the following three requirements be fulfilled during the ceremony:

1. Declaration of Intention

a)  Each partner must declare:

I do solemnly declare that I know of no legal impediment why I, Alex, may not be joined in matrimony to Corey."

b)  Each partner must say to the other:

I call upon these persons here present to witness that I, Alex, do take you, Corey, to be my lawful wedded spouse.

2. Signing of the Register and License

The couple has two places to sign: the Marriage License and the Marriage Register. Each witness has three places to sign: the Marriage License, the Marriage Register, and the Record of Solemnization. The witnesses must also add their addresses to the Marriage Register.

3. Pronouncement:

The Officiant says: I, James McDonald, by virtue of the powers vested in me by the Marriage Act of the Province of Ontario, do hereby pronounce you, Alex Good and Corey Smart, to be lawfully married."

That's it.
However, since your wedding is a public declaration of commitment to a life-changing relationship, the creation of a personalized ceremony that celebrates your marriage is important.  This celebration for the gathered community is symbolic, and will be inspiring and enjoyable for your guests.

Samples of Wedding Ceremonies

After reading through sample ceremonies, you and your partner can pick and choose which parts you like, or you can add new personal readings or vows. I can work with you to personalize your wedding ceremony. Of course, you may simply decide on a tried-and-true ceremony from the collection.







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